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Resourcing and supporting grassroots organizations that are improving access to mental health and wellbeing services
in Indiana communities.

Meet the Grantees


About the Accelerator Initiative

The Accelerator Initiative is guided by the knowledge that grassroots organizations are more powerful when they are adequately resourced and are creatively structured to grow and sustain.

The Accelerator Initiative was created by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds designated through HEA1001. DMHA has contracted the management of Accelerator to Community Solutions, an Indianapolis-based community development consulting company. This initiative aims to support small and newly-created grassroots organizations who are responding to the needs of historically underserved and marginalized communities in Indiana, including:

  • people who have been historically and systemically oppressed

  • people who live in under-resourced geographic areas of the state.

Grassroots organizations have been providing mental health services that are responsive to the needs of the communities they serve. However, these efforts are often under-resourced.

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More Than a Funding Opportunity

Joining a group of grassroots leaders doing what you do.

In addition to providing up to $150,000 in funding to support organizational operations, grantees are participating in the following:

Relationship Building

Grantees will engage in peer learning with a cohort of 10-20 organizations engaged in similar work across the state. Additionally, grantees will develop relationships with DMHA and other funding partners during the grant period. 

Leadership Development & Education

Grantees will engage with a coach for the duration of their time with the program and work with that coach to articulate their 5 year vision for the organization and what resources and skills are needed to get them there.

Capacity Building

Grantees will receive targeted coaching from a variety of content area specialists. By December 2024, grantees will receive support in applying for at least four (4) grants. Additionally, grantees will receive a stipend to participate in a 12-part training series.

The Accelerator Initiative partners with organizational leaders by providing individual and group coaching supports to grow peer relationships, resources, and skill.


By participating in the Accelerator Initiative, organizations will be able to:​

Raise More Money

Have a Greater Impact

Learn From Their Efforts

Imagine and Plan for the Future

Accelerator Participants Are

Local, community-driven organizations providing mental health and wellbeing supports to historically marginalized or under-resourced groups.

Small or newly created organization or program with a budget of less than $500,000 a year.

Organizations with a desire to build skills to scale and sustain their efforts.




Project Phases

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Project Timeline
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