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Training Series Overview

The Accelerator Initiative is hosting a 12-month, virtual training series that will begin in June 2023 to support the Accelerator grantees in their capacity growth. The training series is a core component of the ongoing technical assistance offered through the Accelerator Initiative. The training series will focus on leadership development aligned with the Accelerator Initiative values and goals, as well as relevant topics identified by the grantees. Each quarter, there will be one training that is open to the public.



Each monthly session is 2-hours. The focus of the training series is on developing leadership traits and capabilities while honoring the knowledge and wisdom among the grantees. The curriculum themes and topics were developed with strong reference to the Accelerator Initiative vision and goals:

  • The Accelerator Initiative envisions a community where grassroots leaders are resourced and supported in their efforts to imagine beyond what-has-been-done-before to create programs that are responsive in their communities.

  • Accelerator Initiative seeks to strengthen the network of grassroots groups by building resources, connection, engagement, and trust among grassroots organizations and institutional leaders.

Curriculum Themes & Topics

The Accelerator Team is in the process of finalizing the training series structure. We will share a more detailed schedule in the early summer, which will include specific training topics and presenters. The training series is divided into seasonal themes.


Setting the Stage for Change


Leadership for Social Change


Advancing Narrative Change


Sustainability and Resourcing Change

Interested in Facilitating a Training?

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