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Accelerator Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I recently learned about the Accelerator Initiative; how can my organization get involved?

A:  Unfortunately, the grant application period has ended and the 16 grantee organizations have already been selected.  However, there are still several ways your organization can benefit from the Accelerator Initiative!

  • In June 2023, we will launch a 12-part, monthly Training Series that covers topics related to leadership, governance, and management. These sessions will be held virtually, and will be recorded and made available to the public after they have occurred. A few of the sessions will be opened up for other organizations to attend.

  • We will maintain a list of grant funding opportunities here for grassroots mental health providers.

Q: How does the Accelerator Initiative define “grassroots”?

A:  We do not have a specific definition for “grassroots”.   Grantee organizations were reviewed based on the following questions:

  • Who you serve (target population)?

  • What difference are you making (impact/contribution)?

  • What is your dream for your organization (capacity/scale)?


The Accelerator Initiative sought to fund groups that are authentically and meaningfully connected to the community they serve and are providing valued and responsive services in an accessible way to historically underserved and marginalized communities in Indiana, including:

  • people who have been historically and systemically oppressed

  • people who live in under-resourced geographic areas of the state

Q: How do you define historically and systemically oppressed?

A:  The Accelerator Initiative aims to bolster organizations that provide services to the following groups:

  • Historically and systemically oppressed racial and ethnic groups (people of color)

  • People who identify as LGBTQ+

  • People impacted by the criminal legal system

  • People who live in rural areas of the state

Historically and systematically oppressed includes groups beyond this list. However, this funding opportunity is focused on organizations that serve these groups.

Q: What is the funder looking for?

A: We understand that grants can be daunting. The Accelerator Initiative was created to support grassroots providers in growing their capacity. The application questions were written with the intent to learn about each applicant and to gain wholistic understanding of who they are, who they desire to serve, and what they envision for the future.


Q: Is this opportunity for organizations still in the design phase/not yet formed?

A: While the Accelerator Initiative targets small and newly created organizations, organizations still in the design phase or those who have not started providing services are not well suited for this opportunity.

Q: Is the 10k during planning restricted or unrestricted.

A: Unrestricted. The 10k provided during the planning phase is available to help offset costs associated with time spent working with a coach to answer three primary questions:

  • Where is the organization right now?

  • Where do you want the organization to be in 5 years?

  • What help do you need in the next 12-18 months to get you there?


In that, organizations will be asked to work with the Accelerator team in developing three associated deliverables – Organizational Self-Assessment, Strategic Growth Plan, and Technical Assistance Plan. This will form the basis of their Implementation Grant Application.


If you have additional questions about the Accelerator Initiative, email us!

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