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Our Values & Goals

The Accelerator Initiative is designed to support the role that grassroots organizations play in improving access to important mental health services. We know that those closest to the ground and those with lived experience are the best equipped to make decisions around where and how to direct resources. 


The Accelerator Initiative envisions a community where grassroots leaders are resourced and supported in their efforts to imagine beyond what-has-been-done-before to create programs that are responsive in their communities.

Our goal is to strengthen the network of grassroots groups by building resources, connection, engagement, and trust among grassroots organizations and institutional leaders.

The Accelerator Initiative is a values-led effort. An important aspect of the Accelerator is to change systems as it relates to grantmaking and support to grassroots organizations that serve populations that have been historically marginalized.

The Accelerator Initiative is guided by the following values:


We recognize that our strength is in numbers and that change happens through relationship.

Cultural Sustainability

We respect the beliefs, values, and traditions of people and communities.

Equity & Justice

We strive to advance equity for all; specifically, for those who have been historically marginalized.

Continuous Learning

We use data to reflect and learn from our efforts and recognize that there are multiple forms of knowledge generation.

Person-Centered Care

We desire to increase the availability, awareness and access to culturally responsive wellness supports.

Pushing Practice

We encourage institutions and systems to think beyond “best practice” to foster curiosity for new ways of being and doing.


We acknowledge that we each have knowledge and wisdom to offer and share and opportunities to be humbled as we work toward positive change in our communities.

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