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Training Series
Participation Expectations

12-Month Training Series

A 12-month training series will be offered for organizational leaders and other key staff starting in mid-2023 to support grantees capacity growth. The training series is a core component of the ongoing technical assistance offered through the Accelerator Initiative. The training series will focus on leadership development aligned with the Accelerator Initiative values and goals, as well as relevant topics identified by Grantees through their Technical Assistance Plans. 


Grantees are required to attend all trainings. Grantee organizations will receive a stipend to offset costs associated with attendance. Grantees are encouraged to consult their Bylaws before compensating any board members for their time in attendance. Grantees can have up to three organizational leaders and/or key staff in attendance at each training. If grantees seek to have more people attend, Grantees will need to email the Accelerator Team for approval at least one week in advance of the scheduled training. 


The total stipend amount for each Grantee organization is $5,400. The stipend will be disbursed in two payments. Half of the available stipend ($2,700) will be disbursed at the beginning of the Implementation Phase. The remaining stipend will be disbursed in March 2024 and will be based upon attendance. Grantees will report training series attendance each month in the Grantee Report Survey.

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