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Perseverance Partners

Indianapolis, IN

What We Do

Our mission is to provide innovative, culturally sensitive, and individualized interventions that will strengthen, heal, and transform individuals in underserved communities in Indiana. The
targeted service population includes communities throughout Marion County and donut counties with an emphasis on mental health, wellness, persons with substance use disorders, family crisis interventions, sexually harmful and reactive youth, and individuals with complex trauma. Perseverance Partners uses evidenced-based approaches such as trauma-informed care and social determinants of health.

Top 3 Implementation Focus Areas: 

1. Operations & Management

2. Resource Development

3. Technology & Information Systems

Counties served:

Delaware, Madison, Marion, Vigo

Our Implementation Grant Priorities

Perseverance Partners plans to use Accelerator support to strengthening our business practices, expand our outreach to rural and underserved communities, broaden our network of resources, and to build alliance with diverse advocated for systemic changes.  

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