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Live Well Kosciusko

Warsaw, IN

What We Do

Live Well Kosciusko promotes the health, well-being, and engagement of the people of our local community. This is achieved through the cooperation of individuals, businesses, non-profit, public, private, educational, and government organizations with a shared goal of community vitality who work together on community assessment, education, planning, promotion, evaluation, and participatory research.

Top 3 Implementation Focus Areas: 

1. Increasing Funding Streams

2. Continued Leadership Development

3. Facilities

Counties served:


Our Implementation Grant Priorities

Live Well Kosciusko plans to strengthen operations, create a more sustainable organization, and to implement best practices to grow and provide services to people in our community that have been historically under-resourced and under-served. The funding will allow the CEO to move from direct programming and give the position much needed time and support to strengthen operations, develop non-profit management and leadership skills, increase collaboration with community partners, and implement the items identified in the strategic growth plan and technical assistance plan. Funds will also be used to provide support, training, and education to direct program staff, several who represent and serve marginalized populations in Kosciusko County. The remainder of the funding will be used to support marketing and fundraising.

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