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Indiana Recovery Alliance

Bloomington, IN

What We Do

The Indiana Recovery Alliance operates under the philosophy of harm reduction to educate the community and to promote the health and dignity of the individuals and communities impacted by drug use. We respectfully collaborate with people to assist in any positive change, as a person defines it for themselves, beginning where the person is at, with no biases or condemnations for the person's chosen lifestyle. Our efforts advance policies, practices and programs that address the effects of drug use including overdose, HIV, hepatitis C, addiction, and incarceration.

Top 3 Implementation Focus Areas: 

1. Operations & Management

2. Governance

3. External Communications & Outreach

Counties served:


Our Implementation Grant Priorities

We will concentrate on the infrastructure of the organization, which includes items like updating all of our policies and procedures documents in personnel and internal management. Operations & Management is the most important area to focus on during our time with the Accelerator Initiative because improvement in this area will enable long-term improvement in all the other areas.

Governance and External Communications & Outreach are the next two most important areas to focus on because development in these two areas will make the Indiana Recovery Alliance stronger but internally and in the broader context of the community, opening doors for fundraising, collaboration, and greater reach to the community at which our services are targeted.

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