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Imani Unidad

South Bend, IN

What We Do

The primary purpose of this charitable, not-for-profit organization is to infuse social justice into social, emotional, and behavioral health by providing Prevention, Education and Advocacy through Community Efforts with an intentional emphasis on the Black community.

Top 3 Implementation Focus Areas: 

1. Operations & Management

2. External Communications & Outreach

3. Programs & Services

Counties served:

Elkhart, St. Joseph

Our Implementation Grant Priorities

Imani Unidad plans to increase and expand it's capacity to provide mental, social, and emotional well-being services. It will allow us to better live our mission. It will provide the resources to fill organizational gaps such as strategic plan for the board, organization, and programs. We will have an honest assessment of where we are today and the means to grow and improve our service delivery. With this funding, we will have strengthened our sustainability, developed governance, support for collaborative efforts, and advances internal infrastructure. By updating and using technology, we will have more time and energy to serve our community. 

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