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Grantee Resource Page

During the Implementation Phase, you will have access to the following supports:

Coaching: You will continue to receive ongoing support from your Accelerator coach through the Implementation Phase. Coaches have, on average, 5 hours per month to work with each Grantee. We encourage you to engage your coach as a confidant, sounding board, and facilitator as you begin implementing your Strategic Growth and Technical Assistance Plans. 

Technical Assistance from Content Area Specialists: As a grantee, you have access to technical assistance support from Content Area Specialists to assist in implementing your plans. Visit our Content Area Specialist page to learn more about how to engage with and request approvals for Accelerator Content Area Specialists. The funding for technical assistance is separate from Grant Writing Support and your Implementation Grant, though implementation grant funds can be used for technical assistance above and beyond what the Accelerator Initiative can fund, if desired.

Grant Writing Support: Through this initiative, you have access to professional grant writing services and support in submitting at least four (4) grant applications, which is budgeted at 84 hours per Grantee. Visit our Grant Writing Expertise page to learn more about how to engage with and request approvals for Accelerator Content Area Specialists.

Training and Peer LearningIn June, we launched a 12-part, monthly Training Series that covers topics related to leadership, governance, and management. These trainings will be held on the second Tuesday each month from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Grantees are expected to have at least one person in attendance and can invite up to three (3) people to participate. See the Training Series Participation Expectations page for more info. Peer learning opportunities will be woven into the Training Series and additional peer learning and networking opportunities will be organized by the Accelerator team.


Peer Learning/Networking Events: This is a regional, in-person lunch event organized by the Accelerator Team. There are two events, please only register for one based on your region: 

North Regional Event
Friday, August 18th from 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Health Services Pavillion 1515 Provident Drive # 160 Warsaw, IN 46580
Click here to register!

Central/South Regional Event
FridayAugust 25th from 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Gather Columbus 2033 State Street #Suite A Columbus, IN 47201
Click here to register!


Implementation Grant: You have received $140,000 in direct grant assistance to support efforts outlined in your Strategic Growth Plan. While not required, these funds may be used to pay for technical assistance beyond what can be covered by Accelerator.  

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