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Role & Expectations

Content Area Specialist


Accelerator Content Area Specialists are consultants that have expertise in a focused area such as accounting, legal, human resources, or board governance. A list of possible content areas are outlined in the Content Area Specialist and Training Interest Form so that consultants can share their areas of expertise. Please note this list is not meant to be exhaustive as we expect this list will continually expand as we learn about the specific needs of grantees.


Content Area Specialists will work the assigned grant Coach as well as the grantee to determine the particular need of the grantee. Most of the technical assistance needs will be identified in the Technical Assistance Plan that all grantees will develop during the Planning Phase. Once these needs are identified, the grantee and Coach will refer to the compiled list of Content Area Specialists to complete this work and will make the final decision on which consultant to engage.


The Implementation Phase is projected to begin in April 2023 after the Planning Phase has concluded and Implementation Plans are approved. Consultants can expect inquiries for potential engagements will begin early summer of 2023.


For more information on getting involved in Accelerator, email us!

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