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Connection Café

Connersville, IN

What We Do

Today, Connection Café serves five counties on the eastern side of Indiana offering harm reduction services, life services, and
prosocial activities. It is our mission to provide a safe environment that accepts people as they are and supports individuals on their
recovery journey.

Top 3 Implementation Focus Areas: 

1. Programs and Services

2. Operations and Management

3. Ongoing Assessment and Learning

Counties served:

Fayette, Henry, Rush, Union, Wayne

Our Implementation Grant Priorities

Connection Cafe will use the funding if provided to pay a portion of staff salary that will coordinate
and oversee this project through. A portion of the funds will be used to sustain day-to-day
operations at the current facility helping cover the cost of expenses in the form of rent, and utilities.
Lastly, there are equipment needs that will help provide more efficient services to the people that we serve. The remaining funds will be used to buy items that will help set our employees up for
success, computers, and enhance security in and outside of the Cafe.

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