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Role & Expectations



Accelerator Coaches will serve as a sounding board and partner to grantees and will have expertise in coaching grassroots leaders in:

  • relationship building

  • leadership development & education

  • capacity building


Accelerator Coaches will be partnered with grantees through both the Planning Phase and Implementation Phase of the initiative. Ideally, the preference is to have the same coach stay with a grantee throughout the entire 18-month grant process. Coaches may be paired with more than one grantee.


The Planning Phase is projected to last from January 2023 to April 2023. It is anticipated that each grantee will need 15 hours of coaching per month during this phase. During the Planning Phase, Accelerator Coaches will support grantees in the development and submission of three deliverables:

  1. The Strategic Growth Plan will enable grantees to articulate their high-level, long-term vision for the future of their organization, and their five-year plan for moving them forward (key milestones they intend to achieve each year, in pursuit of their vision).

  2. The Technical Assistance Plan will identify the types of support they would like to use during the Implementation Phase of the Accelerator.

  3. The Implementation Grant Application will include a description of the activities planned for the Implementation Phase and the preparation of a formal presentation that grantees will give to DMHA as a final step in the application process.


Accelerator Coaches will also support grantees in:


  • Assisting with grant compliance requirements

  • Connecting needed Content Specialists or training needs

  • Support in preparing Implementation Grant proposals to DMHA


The Implementation Phase is projected to begin in April 2023 after proposals are approved. It is anticipated each grantee will require 5 hours per month of coaching between April 2023 and December 2024. 


Accelerator Coach responsibilities will shift in the Implementation Phase to a focus on general thought partnership and guidance. Coaches will be a critical link between the grantees and the Accelerator Team. Coach feedback will support the Accelerator Team in identify ongoing training needs for the cohort of grantees.  Coaches will also support grantees in engaging in leadership development and evaluative learning. The following activities are anticipated:


  • Meet with each grantee on a weekly basis to check-in as a listening ear and provide feedback, assist in meeting any challenges, and provide encouragement.

  • Refer grantees to additional resources or expertise, as needed.

  • Assist grantees with compliance and other grant requirements, as needed.

  • Meet with Accelerator Team and other coaches to provide progress updates and share any feedback that would enhance how the grantees are supported.

  • Participate in debrief session upon conclusion of the Planning Phase to provide feedback and suggestion for improvement in supporting the grantees.


For more information on getting involved in Accelerator, email us!

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