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Travel Requests for 
Grantee Visits

The Accelerator Team wants to support Grantees' interest and desire to have their coach tour their facility, meet with staff/volunteers/board members etc., observe their program/services, and spend time working together face-to-face. We acknowledge that virtual meetings are not necessarily the best way to form relationships or have meaningful and complex conversations with Grantees. However, funds spent paying for coach mileage, expenses, or travel time reduces funds that Grantees can direct toward support outlined in their TA plans. As such, we encourage coaches to engage with Grantees virtually when possible. If there are specific and limited circumstances in which out-of-town travel to a grantee is critical, we invite you to submit a request using the link below.

Reimbursement for mileage and other incidental costs will be considered – but only if submitted and approved in advance. Coaches can invoice for prep time, time onsite/meeting with folks, and mileage, but not for time spent driving.

Coaches should submit approved expenses as line items on their invoice for the month in which the travel occurred. Mileage will be reimbursed at the state rate of $0.49 per mile.

The Accelerator Team will respond to travel requests within 5 business days. 

Request Submission and Contracting

Once your Grantee has selected a Content Area Specialist, the Grantee needs to obtain from them a scope of work that outlines what services and deliverables they will provide to the Grantee organization and what their fees will be for those services and deliverables. This scope of work should be provided directly to the Grantee.  The Grantee will then submit a Technical Assistance Request to Community Solutions, listing the requested Content Area Specialist and their scope of work. 


Process for Requesting Technical Assistance

  1. Grantee completes the table below (click the table to download)

  2. Grantee copies and pastes the table into an email with the subject line, “Technical Assistance Request” and sends to, copies (cc) you the Coach, and attaches the proposal/scope of services provided by the Content Area Specialist.

  3. Community Solutions will respond within 5 business days (Mon-Fri) of submission.


Once the Technical Assistance Request is approved, Community Solutions will contact the Content Area Specialist via email to begin the contract process.  Please note that the Contracts for Content Area Specialists are with Community Solutions and NOT with the Grantee organization.  Content Area Specialists will invoice Community Solutions directly for their work and will be paid directly by Community Solutions.  These funds are separate from the grant dollars awarded to Grantees.


Content Area Specialists are expected to provide copies of all deliverables to Community Solutions at the time they are provided to Grantees.  This will help to ensure that invoices are accurately reflecting the reported work completed without placing additional reporting burdens on the Grantee. 

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