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Grant Writer Guidelines for Coaches

As a part of the Accelerator Initiative, Grantees will have access to a limited amount of funds to pay for Grant Writing Expertise. These guidelines are designed to help Grantees determine what kind of grant writing expertise they need and how they can go about securing that expertise through the AI technical assistance funds.

AI Grant Writing Expectations

As part of the Accelerator Initiative, Grantees will receive professional grant writing support in submitting at least four (4) grant applications by the end of 2024. To support the continued sustainability of Grantees, grants should be for at least $10,000 of funding and at least two grant applications should be with a new funder. If grants are submitted to previous funders, the request should be an increase from previous awards or to fund a different aspect/program of the AI grantee.

General Guidelines

  • Grantees should choose one grant writer/agency to work with them throughout the AI grant period.

  • Community Solutions has completed a cursory review of the grant writing consultants listed in the directory but does not endorse any agencies or individuals listed.

  • Selection of the grant writing expertise is the responsibility of the Grantee. Coaches are encouraged to support grantees with the selection process if the Grantee desires (see Role of Coaches section.)

Contracting and Invoicing

  • Contracts with the grant writing consultants are with Community Solutions, not the Grantee. Community Solutions has a standard contract for all grant writing consultants.

  • Grant writing consultants will invoice Community Solutions and will be paid directly by Community Solutions. The funds that pay for grant writing consultants are separate from the Implementation Grant (paid directly to the grantee) and the technical assistance funds that pay for Content Area Specialists.

  • The amount allotted for each Grantee is $8,400 which represents about 84 hours of consulting work.

  • Grant writing consultants will provide copies of all deliverables to Community Solutions when they are provided to the Grantees.

Types of Grant Writing Expertise

Grantees may determine the grant writing services needed based on their Technical Assistance plan, but Accelerator Initiative has developed the following outline of services that each grant writer is expected to provide in some combination based on the Grantees’ needs. Coaches should talk with each of their Grantees to determine if this package needs to be adjusted for their needs.

Grant Writing Services

Contracts for Grant Writing Services must, at minimum, include:

  • Working with Grantee and their coach to identify funding priorities, goals, and timeline, especially those reflected in their Strategic Growth and Technical Assistance Plans; and

  • Drafting and submitting at least four (4) grant applications through or on behalf of the Grantee. 

Additionally, Grant Writing contracts may also include:

  • Developing or fine-tuning existing boilerplate language that includes organizational background, context (contact information, values/vision/mission, organizational history), and grant-related priorities (statement of need, project abstract(s))

  • Conducting prospect research to identify potential grant sources and present options to Grantee for input

  • Supporting Grantee in their efforts to follow up with funders for progress updates, feedback, and any next steps.

Role of Coaches in Grant Writing Support

  • Advise Grantees on how to utilize a grant writing consultant to develop an agreed upon list of services (based on the service list above) that aligns with their Strategic Growth Plan and Technical Assistance Plan.

  • Advise Grantees on using the CAS Directory compiled by Community Solutions. Grantees must use grant writing consultants who are listed in the CAS Directory. Note: If a grant writing consultant that a Grantee wants to use is not listed, please ask them to submit the CAS interest form as soon as possible.

  • Advise Grantees on how to work with a consultant to develop a scope of services, including what questions to ask and/or how to evaluate the best fit for the organization. It is not intended for the Coaches to weigh in on consultant quality.

  • Serve as liaison between Grantee and Community Solutions to secure approval for the grant writing consultant, etc.

  • Check in regularly with each Grantee to make sure the grant writing relationship is meeting the needs of the Grantee.

Process to Request Grant Writing Expertise Funds

Once the Grantee has selected a Grant Writer, the Grantee asks them to prepare a scope of work that outlines what services and deliverables they will provide to the organization. This scope of work should be provided directly to the Grantee. Grantees will then submit a Grant Writing Expertise Request to Community Solutions, listing the requested Grant Writer and their scope of work. 

  1. Grantee will complete table below (click the table to download)

  2. Grantee will copy and paste the table into an email with the subject line “Grant Writing Expertise Request” and send to, copy (cc) the Coach, and attach the proposal/scope of services provided by the Grant Writer.

  3. Community Solutions will respond within 5 business days (Monday-Friday) of submission.

Grantwriting Request.png

Once the Grant Writing Expertise Request is approved, Community Solutions will contact the Grant Writer via email to begin the contract process. Please note that the Contracts for Grant Writing are with Community Solutions and NOT with the Grantee organization. Grant Writers will invoice Community Solutions directly for their work and will be paid directly by Community Solutions. These funds are separate from the grant dollars awarded to Grantees.  

Grant Writers are expected to provide copies of all deliverables to Community Solutions at the time they are provided Grantees. This will help to ensure that invoices are accurately reflecting the reported work completed without placing additional reporting burdens on the Grantee. 

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